70cm Cooker Hoods:

70cm Cooker Hoods

70cm Cooker Hoods

Cooker hoods don’t have to look boring and you definitely shouldn’t have to compromise on quality to get a good price. At Ship It Appliances we offer a range of practical yet elegant options at affordable prices so you can keep your kitchen looking and feeling fresh.

What are the benefits of Ship It Cooker Hoods?

An essential part of any kitchen, the cooker hood can often go unnoticed. Ours are available in a variety of shapes and sizes to suit a number of kitchen needs. 

Adding a 70cm Cooker Hood to your new or existing kitchen has a number of benefits. From cleaner air, free from the smells of cooking, to a reduction in heat and moisture.

Cooker hoods to suit every kitchen style

A chimney hood is a great way to help turn your cooker into a kitchen focal point, and we offer ours in silver, stainless steel, and sleek black to help you match the look of your kitchen. If you're looking for something more discreet, we have integrated canopy models that can sit unnoticed inside a kitchen cabinet.

For more contemporary kitchens we also have a range of flat glass and angled hoods.

Ducted hoods for the cleanest air possible

A ducted cooker hood feeds all the air it extracts to the outside, removing steam and moisture from your cooking space as well as smells and grease. This is the preferred installation method for many kitchens, helping to keep your kitchen clean and comfortable to work in.

However, for times when this isn't practical many of our cooker hoods are able to work on a recirculation basis instead. The grease filters featured in these models help them remove cooking smells, smoke and grease - a fantastic option when you can't duct to an external wall.

Leading brands

We stock 70cm cooker hoods from a range of leading brands including SIA and CDA. These are companies that you can trust to produce the highest quality and most efficient kitchen appliances on the market.

SIA cooker hoods offer fantastic quality at a lower price point, perfect for those on a budget while a CDA cooker hood offers a little more luxury and a brand name that brings complete peace of mind.

Fast and free delivery

Our service includes fast and free delivery to 99% of the UK, so you can buy from us without worrying about being stung by excessive delivery costs. We also offer a number of discounts and package deals to help you keep the cost of your appliances down.

What size cooker hood do I need for a 70cm hob?

When picking a cooker hood, it is a good idea to get one that is the same size as your hob. This will make sure it's big enough to filter out all steam, grease and odours you create while you are cooking, whichever part of the hob you use.

Get support picking the perfect appliance for you

Here at Ship It Appliances, we want to make sure you find the right cooker hood for you. If you're struggling to pick between cooker hoods, or aren't sure what size you need, you can check out our buying guide and other online help pages. If our buying guide doesn't have the answers, our in-house experts will so why not give our sales team a call?

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