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Tumble Dryers

When it comes to the routine tasks that we all have to do in our home, drying laundry can be considered by many as the most laborious and tedious of them all. A tumble dryer takes the process and makes it conveniently simple.

Once you’re washing has finished in the washing machine, you then have to quickly place it somewhere to dry. This will either involve placing your wet clothes on the radiators in your house or outside on a washing line. The processes take a long time to dry your clothes and either involve adding extra money on your energy bill or waiting for the right weather conditions outside.

Cheap Tumble Dryers You Can Buy Online

At Ship It Appliances, we supply a range of tumble dryers, including both vented and condenser tumble dryers, that make doing your laundry a much simpler task.

Vented tumble dryers include all the same features as most tumble dryers on the market, however, they expel moisture gathered from their drying cycles via a vent that needs to be hooked up to an external wall, or via a pipe that leads outside. So you need to take your tumble dryer’s position into consideration when buying a vented tumble dryer. 

We also supply a range of condenser tumble dryers from trusted household brands like Amica. Condenser tumble dryers work identically to vented tumble dryers, except the moisture gathered in the drying cycle is stored in a removable water container, which is then emptied. The advantage of a condensation tumble dryer is that you can palace it anywhere in your home as it doesn’t need to be hooked up to an external vent.

Delivery On Tumble Dryers

We believe in delivering the best service for our customers, that’s why we provide free shipping on all of our appliances to the majority of the UK. Learn more about our delivery information.

Tumble dryers are great and we want you to use and find the best, have a look at our guides to get you going:

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