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Hobs can be powered using gas or electricity. Electric hobs can either have ceramic heat plates, fixed plates, or work using induction technology to create a kitchen stove that’s perfect for your requirements. Each of these options has its own benefits that should be considered before choosing an appliance for your kitchen.

Hobs For Kitchen Stoves

There are a number of different types of kitchen hobs. Depending on your cooking requirements and kitchen facilities will depend on which type is best for your kitchen stove.

Gas Hobs

Gas hobs are, in the strictest sense, essentially all the same – they feature raised plates and heat food via an open flame.

The beauty of a gas hob (and one of the reasons they’re favoured by most chefs) is that when you adjust the temperature, the heat changes immediately – but they’re not the only type of hob to offer such precise control. If you’re looking for hobs similar to gas but also with a simple design and reliable performance, browse from our range of ceramic hobs – we think you’ll love them!

At Ship It Appliances, we have a selection of hobs from big name brands as well as our own range of SIA products to help you set up the perfect kitchen stove. This lets us offer a huge selection of different sizes, shapes and price points, with heat zones and designs to suit your preferences and lifestyle.

Induction Hobs

Induction hobs are gaining popularity because they are extremely safe and use less energy, as they only turn on when a pan is placed on its surface. They also share some similarities with gas hobs such as fast, precise cooking. With an induction hob, the heat is transferred to the pan instantly, while the hob itself stays cool. 

Induction hobs only activate with pans that have iron at the base are placed on them. The vast majority of pans contain iron as it acts well as a conductor of heat. So depending on the material you may need to replace your pans in order to use them on an induction hob.

Electric Hobs

Electric hobs with fixed hotplates are a popular option. They are safe, easy to use and incredibly convenient because they heat up quickly. They’re also a surprisingly affordable option for a kitchen stove.

Many cookers come with built-in hobs, but if you’re looking for a separate hob, we’re confident you’ll love our selection. Our frameless induction and ceramic hobs fit seamlessly into contemporary kitchens. Meanwhile, traditional gas hobs offer precise temperature control and are the preferred choice of many discerning chefs.

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